Our coffee philosophy makes us the fastest-growing "fresh roasted coffee' company

Our company sells green and roasted beans from various regions. We offer both Arabica and Robusta coffee for wholesale.

Our Company Judith P. Butagira is a company that was founded by our CEO Judith, whose purpose was to develop meaningful business collaboration between poor and rich countries globally through like minded partners.

Judith has extensive knowledge in social marketing and has trained in the art of coffee tasting and brewing in Canada. She started Kabahinda coffee brand because she believes that coffee is better taken freshly roasted, directly from a roaster to your dinning table.

The company now carries out commodity marketing through door to door, whole sale and online sales of our freshly roasted coffee.

We have four packaged Kabahinda brands

1. E.F.T Espresso: Full body with rich and caramel flavor chocolate notes, great for lattes, cappuccino, moccacino and flat white.

2. Ashiki Dark Roast: A full body dark roast with rich and caramel flavor  chocolate notes, medium to low acidity 

3. Imani medium Roast: An excellent medium roast for drip coffee with caramel and chocolate notes, medium to low acidity 

3. Franlys Light Roast:  Nutty with sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate notes, low acidity, high in caffeine 

Our Products:

Although we represent many coffee regions our natural coffee brand the Kabahinda selection of rich espresso, dark, medium and light roasts are sourced from Poços de Caldas in Brazil. Outside the crater of an extinct volcano, this region has excellent soil fertility, high altitude of 1800 meters.

Harvest Period:

End of May to September


1000m to 1300m


80% Natural and 20% Hone


Yellow Bourbon, Catuaí

Our green beans on the other hand are from Africa: Uganda and Rwanda.

  • Aroma: Hints of orange blossom and lemon.
  • Taste: Floral mixed with a fruity, redcurrant, and berry flavor.
  • Aftertaste: Rich caramel and white chocolate.

Our brand story:

Our story is one of rekindling lost cultures that brought communities together. Coffee was shared for friendship from a rich 100 year old heritage of the Bahind people. The bahinda are said to have originated from North Africa, they ruled a large part of East Africa for a century.

Coffee was a critical trade product a century ago, this amazing bean was used as gifts in the bahinda culture and many cultures including those in Ethiopia signify friendships, brotherhood  and to celebrate life.

Coffee is still one of the most valuable cash crops on the world, but for the coffee regions its a life line.

When you support or share our coffee products, you are giving back by supporting  families, educating children and growing a industry in developed countries.

We aim to support at least 1 million farmers in 2021. Enjoy our wonderful freshly roasted coffee, directly from the roaster in Canada to your coffee table. Go to Judithbutagira.com for more information